Villa For Sale in Mykonos

价格 €1600000

  • 希腊, 米科诺斯
  • Ref. No.  
  • 形式:

    住宅, 别墅
  • 种类:

  • 卧室
  • 浴室
  • 覆盖区域(平方米)
    280 m²
  • 情节大小 (SqM)
    2097 m²


  • 卧室
  • 浴室
  • 覆盖区域(平方米)
    280 m²
  • 情节大小 (SqM)
    2097 m²
  • 泳池
  • 花园没有
  • 停车场
  • 家具
  • 海景
  • 距离机场距离11 km
  • 距市中心距离5 km
  • 距海距离0.5 km
  • 距公共设施距离2 km
  • 房地契没有


Mykonos, usually referred to as the “jewel” of the Aegean Sea, is the quintessence of the true Greek island in the Mediterranean: with charming, colorful towns and houses built in the island’s traditional architectural style. It is world famous for its natural beauty, marvelous sandy beaches with crystal clear water, unspoilt landscape and secluded bays. It is the closet island to Delos, the historic treasury of ancient Greece and birthplace of Apollo, the god of light and beauty.

Due to its constantly increasing value, Mykonos has became one of the most desired destinations in the world for high net worth individuals and personalities of worldwide renown, primarily as a preference for investment in real estate.

•The real estate is located between Fokos Bay and Myrsini Bay on the north eastern part of the island of Mykonos, which is the part less developed.


•Present legal situation of the property: property rights are clear, no liens whatsoever, full building and landscaping permits already approved and issued.


•Quiet, isolated location, through not far from the island’s most frequented spots. Only a few neighboring villas at a distance. The whole area’s natural environment is now protected by law for its natural beauty. Therefore, further development in the area beyond the already issued permits is not allowed, so that the natural beauty is preserved. (This means that the whole area of Fokos and Myrsini are always going to remain as are now, natural and unspoilt)


•Two sandy beaches at both sides of the promontory on which the villas are located.


•Large land plots for every villa, contrary to the general island standards where usually 2 or 3 villas are built in 4000sqm plots.


•Large villas, a scarce commodity on the island where most villas are much smaller and arbitrary construction (beyond the approved by the authorities) is quite common.


•A handful of upscale villas on a prime location, an entire promontory of 25 acres regal above the cerulean Aegean Sea, a land protected for its exceptional natural beauty.


•Location: Between Fokos and Myrsini Beaches, near Ano Mera, Mykonos


•Distance from Ano Mera Village: 5kms


•Distance from Mykonos Town, port and airport: 10kms


• Distance from Athens/Greece: 90 Miles (3h30′ by high speed boat, 30′ by plane).
• Properties’ distance from shoreline 30m-50m.
• 2-storey villas plus basements.
• Maximum villa height 7.5m, volumes no larger than 800 cubic m.
• Longest continuous surfaces do not exceed 12m.
• Traditional style of architecture (reductions, curves, arches, built-in areas, rough/irregular surfaces, arches).
• Several levels not higher than 1m from natural ground.
• Asymmetrical openings on the elevations.
• Verandas, balconies & outdoor living spaces have direct sea views.
• Exteriors of stone, white plaster and wood.
• Floors of marble, stone, ceramic tiles and wood.
• All bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms.
• Saunas, steam baths, hot tubs, gyms, playrooms and garages.
• Private water tank for every villa with automatic booster.
• Insulation in concrete of both walls and terraces.
• Wooden windows and doors with double glass glazing.
• Accessible roof terraces.
• Interior ceilings of painted plaster or wood with beams.
• Skylights with fixed or operable domes with laminated glass.
• Heating and cooling by central external units and invisible internal partitions – room autonomy.
• Radiant floor heating.
• Oil boilers with circulating pumps for instant hot water.
• Public electricity supply.
• Generators to insure energy independence.
• Alternative energy connection is ready.
• Drainage system with biological processing units.
• Use of helipad and well; the island’s water reservoir is at 1km away.
• Heated swimming pools with infinity effect.
• Extensive gardens enhanced by walls and trees to insure privacy in every villa.


  • 空调设备
  • 海景
  • 地下室
  • 吊扇
  • 双层玻璃窗
  • 大型室外露台
  • 附带浴室
  • 私人泳池
  • 游戏室和休闲室
  • 高品质的木地板
  • 宁静的位置
  • 有棚车库
  • 防蚊帐