Luxury offices for sale in the center of Limassol

GIÁ CẢ €1850000 (VAT)

  • Limassol, SÍP
       Town Center
  • Ref. No.  
  • Loại:

    Thương mại, Văn phòng
  • Danh mục:

    Bất động sản mới / trước xây dựng
  • Diện tích xây dựng (m2)
    303 m²
  • Năm xây dựng

Tổng quan

  • Diện tích xây dựng (m2)
    303 m²
  • Năm xây dựng
  • Bể bơiKhông
  • VườnKhông
  • Chỗ đỗ xeKhông
  • Có sẵn đồ đạcKhông
  • Nhìn ra biển
  • Khoảng cách tới sân bay70 km
  • Khoảng cách tới trung tâm thành phố0,2 km
  • Khoảng cách đến biển 0,5 km
  • Khoảng cách tới khu tiện ích0,2 km
  • Chứng thư Tiêu đềKhông

Mô tả

Nothing of the kind has ever been built in Limassol! This Business Centre is an illustration of new generation office centers of “A” class.

Without exaggeration the project are the pride of constructing company, which prefers to use advanced technologies and innovative approach in construction process.

It does not only offer a convenient location in the downtown area, but also soundproof and energy efficient facades, as well as large windows with original design of low-emission tinted glass, which give the building this special individuality. But that’s not all the benefits that characterize the business center yet. The concept of ultra-modern technical equipment, facilities and fixtures of the building that combine high level of comfort and safety also deserve special attention.

The project provides engineering systems, including an autonomous firefighting system, central air conditioning and forced-air and exhaust ventilation, central heating system – all these systems of the business center, a total area of which is 2000m², are fully automated.

Ground floor with a mezzanine is ideal for shops, showrooms and customer service companies. Its living area is 464m². The remaining four floors offer functional and comfortable office space from 311 to 356m².

Each of the four floors of the building has an open layout with panoramic sea views thus demonstrating the uniqueness and rarity of such projects.

The proposed office space as well as lobby and public areas have prestigious finishes to the highest European standards (glass walls, air conditioning). The quality of finishes once again confirms the highest standards of the Sapphire project and a mixed layout provides ample opportunities for individual approaches to the solutions of interior office space, since re-designing of the premises at the request of the buyer is very much possible.

Soft exterior lighting of the building in the evening, spacious covered parking spaces will be another addition to the overall comfort for the employees of the company – owner of the Sapphire Business Center.

Location description

This ultra-modern, perfectly designed avant-garde office building is located in the central part of the city. Close to the offices there is the District Court and central roundabout. Many banks, government institutions, clinics, cafes and famous boutiques are located in this area. It is only a 10 minute drive to the best hotels in the coastline.

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