3 Bedroom Apartment For Sale in Agios Nectarios, Limassol

GIÁ CẢ €430000 (VAT)

  • Limassol, SÍP
       Agios Nektarios
  • Ref. No.  
  • Loại:

    Dân cư, Chung cư – Căn hộ
  • Danh mục:

    Bất động sản mới / trước xây dựng
  • Phòng ngủ
  • Phòng tắm
  • Diện tích xây dựng (m2)
    153 m²
  • Năm xây dựng

Tổng quan

  • Phòng ngủ
  • Phòng tắm
  • Diện tích xây dựng (m2)
    153 m²
  • Năm xây dựng
  • Bể bơiKhông
  • VườnKhông
  • Chỗ đỗ xeKhông
  • Có sẵn đồ đạcKhông
  • Nhìn ra biểnKhông
  • Khoảng cách tới sân bay65 km
  • Khoảng cách tới trung tâm thành phố2 km
  • Khoảng cách đến biển 0.8 km
  • Khoảng cách tới khu tiện ích0.5 km
  • Chứng thư Tiêu đềKhông

Mô tả

Residence presents a selection of luxurious two and three bedroom homes with a total of only 7 apartments and stunning sea views from each floor. Located on a premium parcel of land, the residence is situated in the heart of the city, directly overlooking the prestigious Riga Fereou street. Project neighborhood has been traditionally home to some of Limassol’s most noble families. Over time this has seen the formation of many stunning aristocratic homes with plenty of green open spaces and elegant parkland. There is just something so majestic about this street. Situated peacefully on elevated terrain,  Residence takes in all the beauty of the wide open road with its mature trees on each side and panoramic outlook towards the Mediterranean Sea.
This serene environment provides an oasis-like retreat in the middle of the hustle and bustle of this vibrant city. In contrast, a five minute stroll will bring you to the high-end Makariou Avenue where classy boutiques, stylish cafés and attractive bistros are all there for the taking.

Residence exudes high sophistication and organic individuality. It was designed to embrace the stunning views and thus create an open feel using a mixture of light and dark to mirror the natural world outside. Our sophisticated luxury apartments are designed and built to the highest standards with all the advantages of modern living. High ceilings, hidden LED lighting and ceiling mounted A/C units are some of the criteria used to experience an unparalleled luxury lifestyle. Each apartment is also designed for day-to-day convenience. Bright, airy living spaces for people to live in, to laugh in and to write their own stories

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