2 Bedroom Apartment For Sale in Chania, Crete

ราคา €265000

  • Crete, Chania
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  • ประเภท:

    ที่อยู่อาศัย, อพาร์ทเมนแบน
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    ใหม่ \ คุณสมบัติปิดแผน
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  • อ่างอาบน้ำ
  • พื้นที่ครอบคลุม (ตร. ม.)
    73 m²
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  • เตียง
  • อ่างอาบน้ำ
  • พื้นที่ครอบคลุม (ตร. ม.)
    73 m²
  • ปีสร้าง
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  • ระยะทางจากสนามบิน 35 km
  • ระยะทางถึงใจกลางเมือง 15 km
  • ระยะทางสู่ทะเล 0.2 km
  • ระยะทางถึงสิ่งอำนวยความสะดวก 0.5 km
  • โฉนดที่ดิน ไม่


The project consists of nine unique properties, and each of them has many windows from all sides making each property very bright with cool rooms. There are three ground floor apartments with private yards and patios, all enjoying two bedrooms. Also, there are another three similar apartments on the first floor as well as with two bedrooms and nice balconies enjoying a sea view. Within the project, there are three junior villas, too, which two of them enjoy a third bedroom.

Every property is carefully designed, to maximize the space and practical usage of the area, yet to enjoy the best possible brightness from sunshine. In addition, all properties enjoy more than one balcony and the ground floors come with private gardens which will be landscaped to advance the aesthetics of living at the Aegean Breeze.

The gardens of the project will be landscaped and create a small Cretan oasis with local trees and flowers. There will be two jacuzzi too.

Our Designers and architects have given a lot of attention to the contemporary design and finishes, to create a nice ambiance and Aegean feel. All living areas have direct access to large verandas, terraces and gardens which surround the properties and all interior designs allow the sun and air to flow through.


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